AI for Health Summit 2024



Since Doctolib's creation in 2013, we have had one purpose: strive for a healthier world. 1. We aim to improve the daily lives of care teams by providing them with a new generation of technologies and services. 2. We aim to improve health for all, by offering a fast and frictionless journey for all care episodes, creating new ways for people to receive care and empowering them to become actors of their health. At Doctolib, we are honored to work in the healthcare field and we believe that innovation in healthcare should be handled differently. We apply 4 guiding principles in everything we do: 1. We create helpful solutions for care teams and people. 2. We serve everyone equally and create well-designed and accessible technologies. 3. We team up with our users to strive for a healthier world and act as one team. 4. We protect our users' privacy. It’s their health, their data. To achieve our purpose, we are assembling a team dedicated to improving healthcare, with a human-centric approach and an entrepreneurial mindset.