AI for Health Summit 2023

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🇬🇧 AI Revolution in Healthcare: Current Trends and Future Directions

Nov 22, 202305:30 pm CET - 5:40 PM CET

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2023 is witnessing groundbreaking advances in AI solutions within the healthcare sector. AI is aiding in the diagnosis and management of diseases like cancer and kidney disease, and in the predictive analysis of patient data. Notably, AI is transforming the handling of vast amounts of unstructured healthcare data through machine learning and natural language processing, enabling more effective patient matching for clinical trials and enhancing research capabilities. We’re also seeing a rise in conversational AI for patient triage and automated scheduling, pointing towards a more efficient healthcare system. Additionally, AI is integrating with wearables to offer personalized patient care. This session will explore these dynamic developments, highlighting how AI is reshaping healthcare delivery and patient care.

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