AI for Health Summit 2023

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🇬🇧 Leveraging Community Power to Accelerate AI Adoption in Healthcare

Nov 22, 202302:20 pm CET - 2:30 PM CET

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In today's AI era, the healthcare community is eager to leverage the potential of data and machine learning for enhanced disease diagnosis. In this session, you'll be introduced to, a platform facilitating this transition. It is a collaborative data science SaaS platform where healthcare organizations and data scientists come together to build AI models to improve diseases diagnosis. During this session, we will have two guests that will highlight two case studies: one from the SFA (French Society of Allergology), utilizing to predict allergies and their sources; and another one from the HUS (Strasbourg University Hospital), that used the platform to build models to identify rare diseases with oral expressions based on dental images analysis. Join us to understand how this collaborative approach is boosting the use of AI in the healthcare sector.

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